When does a trust tax return need to be lodged?

Along with the Date of Death tax return a Trust Tax Return may need to be lodged. Examples of when an estate return is required:

  • income above the tax-free threshold is earned post death; or
  • assets are to be sold by the executor prior to distribution; or
  • the estate earned income from capital gains; or
  • the estate paid tax, but income was either zero or below the tax-free threshold.

If a trust tax return is required, the executor will need to apply for a separate tax file number for the estate.  A trust return will need to be lodged annually until the estate is fully administered.  For the estate to be fully administered the estate assets and income need to have been distributed to the beneficiaries

Lodgement of trust returns is the responsibility of the executor, as the trustee.   

We can assist with the preparation and lodgement of trust returns, to ensure your obligations as the executor/Trustee have been met. 

For further information or assistance please contact our office.